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All Events Have Been Postponed


We hope you all are doing well during these tough times. Due to the recent announcements and cancellations, Women in Economics will no longer hold any events this semester and will instead be rescheduling for Fall 2020. Thank you all so much for a wonderful (and brief) spring semester and we hope to see you all in the fall!  Please feel free to reach out to our Executive Board during this time if you have any questions or need any assistance ( Additionally, if any virtual events or opportunities come available, we will be sure to spread the word and ensure you are made aware.  We wish you all good health and wash your hands:)

About Us

Why Economics?

Economics is incredibly versatile and is excellent preparation for a career in consulting, the financial sector, public policy, insurance, data analytics, marketing, law, healthcare, non-profit and governmental work, and academia. The applications and career opportunities are endless! We're all about inspiring women to understand and appreciate the powerful way of thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that an Economics major provides. Even the factors underlying why this major is traditionally dominated by men can be understood using Economics!

What's in it for me?

Women in Economics proudly hosts a variety of events, from Q&A's with guest speakers to socials, all geared towards exposing more students to the field of Economics and providing community for females in the major. We're here to answer any questions you have, and open up doors for opportunities both during and after your college years.

Find a Community

Whether you want to learn from a former member of the President's Council of Economics Advisors, get advice from an upperclassman about which class to take, or just need some moral support and donuts to get through finals, WiE has your back. Discover a group of women dedicated to empowering and helping each other succeed personally and professionally in the Economics field.

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